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Reforesting the Future: Volunteering for Portugal’s Forest Conservation

Discover Portugal’s Natural Treasures: A Rewarding Forest Conservation Experience for Professionals Seeking Purpose and Sustainability.
As one of the countries with the highest proportion of forest area in Europe, Portugal offers a unique setting to contribute to the protection of its diverse ecosystems and the preservation of its natural resources.

As a volunteer, you’ll actively participate in various conservation initiatives designed to restore and maintain the health of Portugal’s forests. Collaborate with local volunteers, coordinators, and community members on tasks such as controlling invasive species, planting native trees, protecting biodiversity niches, and maintaining walking trails. Your contributions will significantly impact the preservation of these precious ecosystems.
Throughout your time in Portugal, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about forest management, ecosystem functions, and local communities’ roles in conservation efforts. This immersive learning experience will provide you with a deeper understanding of the importance of forests and natural parks in maintaining balance in the environment, from controlling soil erosion to sequestering carbon and filtering air pollutants.
While volunteering, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various regions of Portugal during field trips that last from two to five days. Immerse yourself in the country’s diverse villages and landscapes while making lasting connections with fellow volunteers and locals who share your passion for preserving the natural world.
Participating in a forest conservation project in Portugal provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the country’s rich biodiversity while gaining valuable knowledge and creating unforgettable memories.

The Experience

As a volunteer, you will work closely with the field team to learn about each area and participate in various tasks based on the season. These activities include controlling invasive species, planting diverse native species, maintaining planted areas, protecting biodiversity niches, and managing pedestrian trails. Most tasks take place in a natural park near Lisbon, approximately an hour away using public transportation.

Throughout the program, you will also participate in monthly field trips lasting 2 to 5 days, exploring different parts of Portugal. These excursions provide opportunities to contribute to large-scale reforestation efforts in degraded regions while collaborating with local volunteers, coordinators, and community members. These trips not only create visible impacts but also raise awareness of the importance of networking in conservation efforts.


Upon your arrival at the airport, our team will be there to greet you and provide transportation to our project site. From the moment you land, we’ll ensure your journey to the accommodation is smooth and stress-free, allowing you to settle in and begin your adventure.

Your home away from home during your stay will be a delightful house nestled near the heart of Estoril. The accommodation features comfortable private rooms with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and communal spaces for relaxation and socializing. Just a 5-minute stroll from the beach and close to Estoril and S. João do Estoril train stations, you’ll have easy access to Lisbon’s city center, just a 20-minute train ride away.

Our delicious meals are served in the common area, expertly prepared using fresh local ingredients to fuel your days of volunteering and exploring. Choose from a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option for lunch and dinner, while breakfast is served buffet-style to accommodate all tastes. Wi-Fi is available throughout the house, ensuring you stay connected.
Throughout your stay, you are encouraged to engage with topics of Climate Action, Circular Economy, and Ocean Protection—fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among volunteers as you work together to make a positive impact on the environment.


The cost of the programme is £1000 per week, with a minimum 2 week booking.

This includes;

  • Private Accommodation (depending upon availability)
  • All meals
  • Airport Pickup & transfer to project
  • All project-related activities
  • Premium Support Package with 24/7 Support

This does not include;

  • Flights
  • Visas (if applicable)
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal spending and any extra activities

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Schedule a free call with us to discuss the project in greater details, and answer any questions you may have.