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Guardians of the Rainforest: Join the Fight for Biodiversity as a Research Assistant

Calling all professionals seeking a purpose-driven career change! Join our non-profit organization to promote environmental education and scientific research in Brazil’s diverse ecosystems. Contribute to the establishment of five reserves and research centers across major biomes, starting with our projects in the Amazon and Atlantic Forest. Make a lasting impact by empowering society to make informed choices about environmental issues while advancing your career in an exciting and rewarding field that celebrates conservation, sustainability, and Brazil’s rich natural heritage.

Our non-profit organization is committed to driving environmental education and scientific research on biodiversity, ecology, and species behavior in Brazilian ecosystems. By connecting scientific findings with the public, we enable informed decision-making and foster a society that values and protects the environment.
We integrate research and education through tailored infrastructure, promoting academic studies and providing visitors with opportunities to learn about native species. Our research emphasizes educational outputs, such as producing eBooks, to deepen public understanding and appreciation of nature.
Additionally, we prioritize the conservation, management, and sustainable use of natural resources while supporting regional eco-tourism and cultural initiatives. Our ultimate vision is to establish five research centers across Brazil’s major biomes, ensuring a lasting impact on the country’s unique ecosystems.
Join us in making a difference by participating in our ongoing projects in the Amazon and Atlantic Forest, where you can contribute to a sustainable future for Brazil’s treasured environments.

The Experience

As an Biodiversity Research Assistant, you’ll engage in diverse group activities centered on long-term field research. Your responsibilities will encompass:
  1. Tree Inventory: Mark and measure tree species to analyze biodiversity and forest health, essential for parrot release and monitoring.
  2. Garden Day: Aid in gardening, construction, and reserve maintenance tasks, including weeding, trail clearing, removing exotic plants, and planting seedlings.
  3. Mushroom Inventory: Seek and identify new mushroom species, collect spore prints, and search for bioluminescent mushrooms at night.
  4. Bird Inventory: Actively search for birds to document presence, abundance, distribution, and seasonality.
  5. Mammal Monitoring: Sort camera footage, organize photos, and identify mammals for diversity and distribution analysis.
  6. Fish Inventory: Classify fish species, examine microhabitats, and gather river data.
  7. Reforestation: Enrich release center areas with fruit trees to support birds in early release stages.
  8. Invasive Species Removal: Clear exotic plants and weeds to promote reforestation and native fruit tree survival.
You’ll participate in approximately 80% of these projects, some of which may be seasonal or weather-dependent. Although rain is common in the rainforest, work continues unless severe weather makes outdoor activities unsafe, in which case volunteers may be released early for their safety.


You will be given easy to follow instructions on exactly how to reach the project.
Once you arrive, you will be warmly greeted and meet all of your fellow colleagues and introduced to your amazing surroundings, which you will call home.


The cost of the programme is £500 per week, with a minimum 3 weeks for the Atlantic project, and 4 weeks for the Amazon project.

This includes;

  • Private Accommodation (depending upon availability)
  • All meals
  • Airport Pickup & transfer to project (Amazon project only)
  • All project-related activities
  • Premium Support Package with 24/7 Support

This does not include;

  • Flights
  • Visas (if applicable)
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal spending and any extra activities

Book a Call

Schedule a free call with us to discuss your exact interests and requirements to help us match you with the perfect project for you.