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Dive into Sea Turtle Conservation: Unwind and Make a Difference in the Enchanting Dulce Gulf

Embark on a life-changing adventure to the Dulce Gulf, nestled off the captivating Osa Peninsula—one of 25 biodiversity hotspots across the globe. This tropical paradise is one of only four tropical fjords in existence, teeming with vibrant flora and fauna, including macaws, monkeys, dolphins, whales, and our beloved sea turtles. This hidden gem is home to an In-water Sea Turtle Conservation program that combines exploration and conservation.

Immerse yourself in preserving Hawksbill and Eastern Pacific Green Turtles with a renowned international NGO. For over two decades, they’ve collaborated with scientists, conservationists, and educators to promote sustainable sea turtle initiatives in the wider Caribbean region. This project uniquely focuses on in-water studies, shedding light on critical habitats for young and adult turtles.
Experience the thrill of entering feeding habitats to collect invaluable data on population structure, genetic origin, health status, and habitat use. Your contribution will assist in identifying threats and ensuring the survival of these magnificent creatures. Beyond sea turtle conservation, engage in the project’s rescue and rehabilitation center, mangrove reforestation efforts, and sea grass bed health studies.
Journey to this astounding tropical paradise and exchange the daily grind for an unforgettable experience of conservation, camaraderie, and personal growth. Reconnect with nature, make a tangible difference, and discover the unparalleled beauty of Dulce Gulf—a world away from the ordinary.

The Experience

As a volunteer, your priority is the well-being of the sea turtles—a responsibility that may demand dedication and perseverance under challenging conditions, yet ultimately brings immense fulfillment.
In-Water Monitoring:
  • Prepare boats and equipment for surveys
  • Conduct biometric data collection, tagging, and sample collection from sea turtles
  • Assist in transporting turtles to the rescue center or releasing them back into the water
Rescue Center:
  • Aid in evaluating, stabilizing, and recording data for sick or injured turtles
  • Help with feeding, cleaning, and maintaining the center’s facilities
Mangrove Reforestation:
  • Collect seeds and mud for plants and seedlings
  • Plant seeds in the nursery and propagules in designated reforestation areas
  • Assist in maintaining the plant nursery
Sea Grass Monitoring:
  • Contribute to monitoring the health status of sea grass beds
  • Engage in various monitoring activities based on local conditions
During your leisure time, explore the mesmerizing Osa Peninsula, a biodiversity hotspot brimming with natural wonders. The calm waters invite you to swim, snorkel, or simply unwind. Venture to the nearby town for additional amenities and local culture immersion.


Upon arriving at San Jose International Airport, we will arrange for a private taxi to pick you from the airport and transport you directly to the project.

Your accommodations, a mere 200 meters from the project base and staff house, offer basic private rooms shared. Local ingredients will be provided for meal preparation, and all volunteers will cook, clean, and maintain the communal living space together. This collaborative environment fosters camaraderie and teamwork, enriching your overall experience as you contribute to the preservation of Costa Rica’s invaluable ecosystems.

The cost of the programme is $150 per day with a minimum 7 day booking. 

This includes;

  • Private Accommodation
  • Airport Pickup & transfer to project
  • All meals
  • All project-related activities
  • Premium Support Package with 24/7 Support

This does not include;

  • Flights
  • Visas (if applicable)
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal spending and any extra activities

A word from the Founder

I think everyone wants to change the world when we are young – we dream of heroic actions, saving lives, saving the rainforest, being prime minister even!

When we get older, our dreams change, and become more personal, maybe more realistic. I had always dreamt about making a startling scientific discovery, about fixing the hole in the ozone layer, or stopping seal hunts.

The planet seemed to be calling out to me for help when I was young, and I thought up thousands of ways to try and comply with that calling.

But as I got older, I forgot all those fantasies, as I entered adulthood and routine. Until 2004.

My life had not gone in the direction I had wanted.

My planet needed more help than ever before, so it was time I stepped up and made good on those long forgotten promises.

Sea Turtles entered my life purely by chance.

Travelling to Costa Rica (because it sounded nice) to work as a volunteer with sea turtles (because I had never seen one) became the single most important and impacting decision of my life. 20 years later my life is debited to them, their survival, and their ecosystems.

Knowing that just 1 in every 1000 eggs will make it to adulthood, knowing that humans are solely responsible for the 80% decline in populations over the last 20 years, knowing that the extinction of sea turtle species will have devasting effects on our oceans.

If there is ever a time when one person can make a huge difference, that time is now. Volunteers can actively save turtles from poaching, predation, climate change, bycatch, human consumption and plastic ingestion.

Choosing to volunteers with sea turtles is a commitment. Not just to yourselves and an endangered species. But to the planet.

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